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Mod Post: What I Made This For :P
 thewinnerestate - (somatosensation)
10:37pm 21/05/2007
Alpha posting in The Winner Estate: A GW Roleplay
Nothing bad! Just Posting what this comm is for :P.

  • Not Just for Chat Logs!
    • If you're bored and no one else is online, make a post about something your character is doing!
      • If the post is NC-17 in content, please put it under an LJ-Cut :P
  • Got a Pilot-to-Pilot Chat Log? Post here!
    • Especially if something interesting happens
      • Because most chat logs are long, Lj-Cut is your friend! :P If there is Adult Content, please mark it in the cut text.
  • Most of the Pilots present, but one or two missing? Leave a catch-up post!
    • Because no one wants to be left behind.
Also, if you're going to be gone for a few days and can't get in touch with anyone, feel free to leave a post here. Because we love our fellow pilots <3
location: Hoem
music: Duo yacking
tags: mod post
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(no subject)
03:03am 22/05/2007 (UTC)
㊷ » Curry: Justice - writerz_bloc
::grin:: Somehow I have a feeling you just wanted to play with the bullets. ♥

I need to start saving chat-logs.
picword: Justice - writerz_bloc
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(no subject)
03:07am 22/05/2007 (UTC)
Alpha: RP Trowa Icon - Sombre Clown
:P How did you know?
picword: RP Trowa Icon - Sombre Clown
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(no subject)
03:17am 22/05/2007 (UTC)
adoration cocaine。☆: Duo winks-notmine-
sweeet <3
picword: Duo winks-notmine-
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